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  • Seattle ANR ladies – you might like me…

    Posted by Barney Fife on 07/07/2023 at 11:08 AM

    not because I’m some kind of stud muffin, but because I’m gentle, sincere and attentive, and seek to maximize your fulfillment and comfort as well as my own. Do you think this might be worth stepping out on faith, so to speak, and reaching out to chat? You have a wisdom that stems from your womanhood, and a need for nurturing, which I share. I’d like to start simply, with a chat, and if we feel compatible enough for a cup of coffee, that’d be a great next step. I’m open to both ABF and ANR, but I’d really like to develop an LTR if we find we’re compatible, and close enough to one another in the Seattle area to make that possible. What do you think, are we willing to take that first step? I think a miraculous journey could start with that tentative first step. 😊

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