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    Posted by Unknown Member on 01/07/2023 at 10:01 PM

    North TX ladies, let’s do a treasure hunt. I’m somewhere off 380 Denton County in a neighborhood with the initials WS. In it there’s a community center with a cafe. Monday thru Friday I may or may not be there but that’s the chance you’ll have to take. I’m usually there throughout the day. I’ll drop some clues however. Scar on right arm that may or may not be covered by a sweater. Wait long enough the sweater will come off. Instead of sending pics and such let’s meet face to face and see if it’s a match. It’s a public area so that way you don’t feel unsafe. Also, if you identify me and don’t like what you see, no harm no foul.

    Married: yes, if that repulses you I apologize. Loveless at the moment.

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