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  • looking for someone to breastfeed me

    Posted by jessie on 07/05/2023 at 11:04 AM

    hi my names jessie im still very new to this, i want to try more breastfeeding ever since something happened a while ago where a bbw who was maybe 25 yrs older then me made me admit i was stroking myself about her alllot and then said she wanted to help me understand how hard i would cum from her cause she’s a bbw and, also when she started riding me and her big breasts were out and hanging down heavy over me her nipples had some drops of white and i tasted it and she said she was lactating and asked that she didnt put her breasts in my mouth yet cause she didn’t know if i was ready for that but, then i licked just to taste it and she said she felt how i started throbbing really bad from tasting that so she started grinding hard on me and said i needed to start getting fed from her breasts alllot,and i said i was about to cum from what was happening and she said her too and she said to just let it happen,so she started working her big nipples and telling me what to do with my mouth to her the milk out and i got to taste more of it and we both came,i just came really hard with her fucking down on me really really hard and saying she needed me swallowing milk from her heavy tits.after I came I was really more calm then i ever was before,i have so much anxiety and drinking her milk when i was Cumming was allot of the reason.i a really really want that again if anyone wants to message nervous about it and like to do messages first until im comfortable since im not good at doing this and feel like im having anxiety from it but,i want to try and push myself about it cause i know i need this alllot with someone

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