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  • Posted by Matt (ADMIN) on 12/09/2021 at 5:57 PM

    This is probably the most sought after question for men and sought out experience for women.

    Every ANR partner I’ve had and been blessed with has always said that I am a great suckler. So I figured I would share my experience and technique so that others may benefit from it as well, since I can’t be everywhere sucking on every breast. Haha.

    Personally, I find ANR very relaxing and it can be erotic. But whatever the case I want her to enjoy it as much or even more than me.

    The way I think of ANR is that it’s her body we are drinking from and she has all the work, all we have as a sucker is suckle. So as the suckler it is in our best interest to learn as much as we can and care for her needs as much as possible.

    The most common mistake when starting out is that thinking that the milk comes out of the nipple. That’s only partially true. Yes milk exits there, but it doesn’t come from there.

    The areola (the dark area around the nipple) is where the milk comes from. The areola has milk ducts (aka piping for us men) will make the milk flow to the nipple. Hence, why it’s important to get a good latch to extract the milk properly.

    There are other benefits to getting the perfect latch. Latching on a woman correctly also helps her nipples. Meaning they won’t get as sore (if at all) if it’s a prolonged nursing session. It will also help her relieve the pressure from the milk quicker if she hasn’t pumped in a while or is engorged.

    Now I know some of you guys are thinking, well I will just squeeze her milk into my mouth. It’s not that simple and certainly doesn’t have the same effect. I promise if you just squeeze her breasts until they are flat, you won’t be coming back.

    To get a good latch, you need to open your mouth and place it over the areola and suckle with your tongue and cheeks. The best way I can think of describing this is by imagining a pacifier in your mouth. By sucking on it, you keep her areola and nipple there and in position.

    Now the tricky part…

    As you suck, your tongue should glide under the nipple past it and to the areola, then, press up with the tip of your tongue slowly and gently guide the milk from her areola to your mouth.

    After a little while (especially if you are new to it), your mouth will be sore from muscle fatigue. That’s okay. This time is the perfect time to massage her breast, talk, use the restroom etc. Personally, I like to talk to my partner about their day, or whether I should suckle harder, softer, push harder with my tongue etc.

    Once you get a good latch and have started suckling you can also massage her breast.

    I typically will start off gently just above her breast, then slowly (not erotically) massage her breast in a downward massage. Meaning I work from the top to the bottom, gently at first. Once I reach close to my mouth, I will start over increasing the pressure slightly. Keep in mind that each woman is different, some might be comfortable with this while others might feel as if you are being sexual with them. Be honest, open and listen to her and what she wants/needs from you. Keep in mind that you can massage above her breast, the sides and underneath.

    There are some other things you should be aware of. Some lactating women are dribblers, or streamers. If you are getting streams of milk and then it starts to dribble keep suckling. This tells her body that you are still “hungry” for her milk and it will produce more (not immediately).

    Most new sucklers will not get it right the first time. In fact each suckler is different, so you just have to get a feel for what works. Don’t be afraid to try different angles or techniques because no two breasts are alike. One breast will usually be more cooperative than the other.

    If you are having trouble with getting the milk flowing, I would suggest having the woman straddling over the suckler. I suggest the suckler to sit on the couch and have the woman straddle over the suckler. This way gravity helps bring the milk towards the nipple and therefore helps the suckler get more milk out.

    Again, do what works for you and your partner. If they are not comfortable doing this then respect them and do not push them.

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