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    Posted by Kevin on 05/30/2024 at 12:06 PM

    As she laid on the bed, against several pillows, I could see the nervousness on her face. She was laying there bare skinned, partially covered to her waist by the comforter. She was cold, as her nipples were rock hard and in desperate need of warmth. She bit her lower lip as her light brown eyes softly looked upon me. The room was dimly lit, with the curtains closed for privacy. My phone was placed on do not disturb and left on the coffee table in the living room, next to a glass of ice water, which was slowly melting.
    As I took my place on her left side, she lifted her arm and placed it upon my back, welcoming me to her. I could both feel and see her nervousness, as goosebumps lined her skin. She looked at me, and cautiously said, “Am I ok?”
    Her words were a summation of all the texts she had sent me. Being a size 38GG, she was tortured by both the size of her breasts and the lack of attention they received. The only real attention they got was the rapid and rough squeezing and sucking, that only lasted moments. Men tried to take as much of the breast into their mouth as possible, while groping and motorboating their face between them. The request she hated the most was to use her breasts as a penis stimulator.
    And then of course there was the size and weight. She described it as to be wearing two 10lb bowling balls on a string, wrapped around her neck when she went braless. With the bra, it placed all that pressure on her shoulders, not to mention the rubbing soreness of the underside of the breasts. Even laying down did not provide much relief, for if she laid too flat, they sat on her chest like an elephant, making it hard to breath. The only real joy she got from them was how the looked in a dress. They were a show stopper to be sure. She had to be careful walking in public, as with the right dress, she could ruin traffic.
    All the thoughts raced though my head instantly, as she said, “Am I ok.”
    I looked back at her, “Oh yes. Shall we?”
    She smiled as my right hand lifted her breast and began to massage the underside. My left hand close over the top of her breast, massaging those diagonal muscles, and relieving their tension. Even before my lips fell upon her, she moaned, “Oh my God…”
    Just taking the weight of the breast and supporting it was a relief. But those soar spots, which rarely get any attention, to be kneaded and massaged, was a sensation she was not expecting.
    Then, my lips fell upon her areola, as my tongue extended and pressed into her nipple. As my lips massaged her large areolas, her nipple rode up and down on my tongue. Her fingers intertwined into my hair, but not as a grip, just as a gentle groping of the back of my head. She moaned as her other arm fell upon me and embraced me, softly rubbing and scratching my back.
    I could feel the beat of her heart through her breast and matched my suckling to its rhythm. All the while my hands worked her breast for several more minutes.
    As the suckle continued, she rolled a bit towards me and my hands fell away, and wrapped around her body as her breast pressed into my face, partially pinning me to the bed. My face too the weight of the breast as my latch continued. She stroked my hair and kissed my forehead, telling me I was a good boy and we were going to be lifelong ANR friends.
    When it felt right, I stood from the bed, and walked to the other side. To preserve that new feeling, the right breast had been completely ignored. But now it found itself being massaged and suckled, with the weight fully supported.
    When I finished with the right breast, I looked up and saw a tear stream down her face. I asked her, “What wrong?”
    She looked at me, “I want more. I wish we were starting over, but I am sure your jaw is tired.”
    I smiled at her, “My texted was not just empty words. You decide when you have had enough, not me.”
    She raised and eye brow, “Left side then.”
    As I joined her, she attacked me and pully me into her breast. “Suckle my boy….all day long.”
    The next day, I got a long text about how much better her breasts felt. They even felt ‘fuller’, which given her size might not be welcomed normally, but today it was. She described is as both sensual and therapeutic.

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