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    I often write about the romance of ANR, the passion and the softness and the euphoria of the moment. But not all ANR is like that. For a long time I was with a woman who was having trouble lactating, but not for a passionate reasons but utility reasons. She had a baby, and she desperately wanted to lactate more.

    In fact, it was my very first time experiencing lactation while sucking. I remember in a Friends episode, that that the expressed milk tasted like cantaloupe juice. That being my only frame of reference, I am expected it to be like that.
    This woman was a very lovely person. She was very giving and she was very honest. She could not host, and she did not want to come to my house. I have a four-door F-150 with tinted windows. She said if I was willing to invest in baby shades, then we could do the nursing in the truck, hiding in plain sight.
    To many women, this is probably revolting. It’s not very romantic to say the least. Very high-schoolish to be truthful. But also very utilitarian. The goal was not romance, the goal was lactation. She did not take Dom, but rather herbal substitutes from the store, and some medication from her doctor.
    We met almost daily, for about an hour. I kept a pillow in the back seat for my head as I laid in her lap and suckled.
    After about 3 weeks, she was just about ready to give up when the colostrum came in. She was thrilled, I have never seen a woman more happy from the simple showing of colostrum.
    About a week later the taste changed as I suckled. It was milk, undeniably milk.
    Within another week, she was able to wean her baby off formula, and feed her normally. I thought that would be the end of our sessions, but she was afraid that she would not produce enough for the baby in the long run, so she wanted to continue the suckling sessions.
    As I continue to suckle, the milk supply continue to grow. Eventually, I was not suckling to make milk, I will suckling to relieve the pressure as she had become engorged while at work. There was now and over abundant supply of milk for her baby, more than she could handle.
    Using her breast pump, she began feeling bags and freezing it. She began to fill up so much, she had to use the pump at work and buy a small portable freezer and a carrying bag.
    She told me that she thought the sessions should end, because she needed her milk supply to lesson. But about a week later, she read an article that milk supply at hospitals was always in demand. So she asked if I would continue the sessions, and she would donate the excess milk to the hospitals.
    I was actually blown away with such a humble and wonderful gesture. ANR has been such a wonderful lifestyle for me. The passion in the euphoria becomes with it is unmatched by anything else. But now, ANR would provide a life-saving product for a hospital. How could I not be a part of that?
    So our sessions continued until March of 2020. They ended with Covid.
    She ended up completing her babys breast feeding years, but the hospital stopped accepting donations and her milk slowly decreased until she became dry.
    Perhaps in time she will return to ANR for more passionate and recapturing moments. She has expressed interest in donating again in the hospitals, but is worried about time management.
    For me, ANR is about the passion and the euphoria and the relaxation of the moments. But for a brief time, I was a part of the utility function of ANR, and that was equally as passionate and wonderful. To think that there is now a 4-year-old out there who got mothers milk in the hospital, and that I had a help in helping that child, feels like the best thing I could have ever done with ANR. Can there be any more passion than that?

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