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  • 39 (M4F) breast-centric….saggy, big nipples, scars, asymmetry, large areolas,

    Posted by Johnny on 07/31/2023 at 11:31 AM

    *** absolutely not interested and people who pretend to be interested in ANR but will literally back out at the last minute***
    ***my work has me all over, good for someone who is SERIOUS with the desire to meet***

    Hopefully you’re having a lovely day! I know this world is upside down and chaotic, but hopefully our mutual friendship can both give us peace and enjoyment together. A little bit about myself, I’m an intellectual individual who’s very hands-on, loves to read books, solve puzzles and makes friends. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not into these things, as long as you have a nice attitude I’m sure we can get along together. I’m looking for something more long-term but would focus along friendship first ideally. I wont judge you based on age, but please put an effort to conversing.

    I love all breasts, small, large saggy breasts, macromastia and gigantomastia…..just please be a nice person. If you hate your nipples, chances are I will love them, lol. Hollywood has no affect on me. All faith’s or no faith’s are welcome to message, I’m very loving and non judgemental. I am a Catholic….a virgin (please don’t make fun of me for this)….ideally waiting for a marital commitment…I would be welcoming of any faith or no faith. STOP…..before you judge, know that there is potential to be great friends regardless. So just don’t claim I’m the one not being open minded.

    I’m athletic, above average height, live an active lifestyle.

    I’m in Ontario Canada, but travel to the USA a fair bit. If you’re in a very remote area, I would be open to meeting you!

    If you read all this please write “open sesame”

    Kik: johnnyjay123123

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