• Matt (ADMIN)

    12/13/2021 at 11:21 AM

    I will go first!

    I found out about ANR when my wife and I had my first child (her third). I thought it was weird at first and then became really curious about it and tried it.

    What made it the most interesting to me is that we drink cows milk… but not our own species except when we are babies (at least some of us did). I think that it shouldn’t be looked at as a taboo since it’s 100% natural and meant for humans.

    After my wife stopped lactating (due to hormones, work, etc) I found myself really missing it. I even became a bit depressed because of it. So she was kind enough to tell me to look for someone who might be interested in it… that was 5 years ago.

    Since then I’ve found sites like ABFheaven.com, Dreamsofmilk.com and others (which aren’t nearly as good).

    Recently, I found a woman who is lactating in my area and am so excited to share and bring her into the ANR lifestyle. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out before our sessions and after getting to know one another and it’s been amazing.