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    Posted by Harry on 03/26/2023 at 5:29 PM

    ABF, ANR is the relation which I crave everyday. Whenever I wake up or try to sleep, I will look for some breasts to suckle on or latch on. Even if she does not lactate, I wish to nurse her dry happily everyday.

    My intention is to give loving, soothing and healing touch to someone’s breasts and in helping her in inducing lactation and giving her relief from the pressure built in her engorged breasts by long hours nursing.

    When it comes to inducing lactation, I wish to commit myself to it like my full time job or my duty and as service to my lady.

    Not just lactation, but I am also very curious to massage some breasts, playing, groping and all kind of sensual loving plays with them. I want to hear her moaning while she relax and rest and I massage and caress her curves up top.

    I crave for those hungry grunts, satisfied moans, long deep breaths, sloppy slurping suckling sounds as milk gushes and over flows from my mouth. Nuzzling my face into the soft, warm cleavage between two big breasts is one of the most wonderful feelings, second only to the feel of sweet milk spraying the back of your throat as I suckle her stiff nipple, I’ll either fall asleep or become extremely turned on while enjoying the relaxation and vulnerability of suckling in a gentle environment and feeling the soothing and caring energy. It can be deeply rewarding to experience a unique blend of sensuality and relaxation while letting go in your own world. Laying, relaxing allowing my latch to separate your body from your mind, from the world, the obligations, the pressure, the stress, and a moment of control.

    Falling asleep in each others arms like that with her nipple still snuggled in my warm mouth is so soothing and comforting. Its as though the whole world fades to nothing and there are only the two of us that exist at that moment. I wish to sleep all night with my partner wrapped in my arms and her nipple always there for me whenever I wished.

    As I nuzzle into your arms, licking and sucking your nipple while you feeling the softness of my lips, the firmness of my tongue, hearing the soft sound of swallowing and contented moans, we experience a safe place where longing is met, where walls come down, where freedom to be seen and known and appreciated is as easy as breathing. You find my touch firm and protective. My grip, brings you to a place where you have been waiting. You sparked a fire and you are unable to control it.

    Watching me suckle, feeling me against your body, your mind searched for words to describe what your soul felt. You still don’t have the words. But it’s like that feeling of being in that space between awake and asleep in a hammock on a warm spring day…dappled light through the trees warming your body…the sounds of nature’s life a soothing musical score…not a care or worry or sadness because it didn’t fit in the hammock with me.

    Stroking my hair, watching me enjoy what you shared, you celebrate your body, your secret goddess connection, this miracle feels natural.

    For me, ANR is like my 24/7 need and it is so important in my life as my breath. When i see some breasts, I feel as if they are storing not just milk, but oxygen for me and cannot survive without suckling them. Perhaps I was programmed since birth that I have to be dependent on women’s breasts. The emphasized curves of the female body leave my mouth dry and wanting. So, I have to survive by suckling some women’s breasts, but I’m happy that I am not alone. I was blessed to have women whose breasts were aching to be suckled. They felt extreme relief as if I sucked out the pressure which was built up in their chest.

    To me, ANR is about creating a connection that brings, peace, contentment and relaxation through suckling. ANR is also a double edged sword – it’s such a glorious feeling to have this desire fulfilled, but it’s such an ache when it’s missing.

    I am not looking for just an encounter, but a long-term thing as I am serious about this lifestyle. I have never outgrown the need to suckle to soothe and relax myself.

    Thanks for reading my post.

    Harry replied 5 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
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